This CBD oil extraction is different from and yet somehow similar to hemp seed oil extraction because even though it is the pressure that helps in extracting out the oil, it doesn’t bring out the CBD into the mix alone rather it allows in more chemicals to settle in. Heat application for longer periods however allows the oil to mature into a state where only CBD is present in the oil.

This CBD oil extraction

Recipe requires:

Coffee grinder

1 cup of chosen oil (coconut oil or olive oil)

14gms Buds and Leaves of CBD



Deep pan with a lid


Dish cleaning towel/cloth

Sieve (cheesecloth)


–  Place the leaves and the buds into the coffee grinder and grind them all.

–  Take the grounded material, spread the grounded material into a tray and place it into an oven for an hour and a half at 220° F for the sake of decarboxylation.

–  Take the baked and grounded material and place it into a jar that already contains the chosen oil.

–  Ensure that the chosen container has been correctly closed and there are no chances of opening of the container.

–  Take the deep pan and fill it with water, place it on the stove and start boiling the water.

–  Place the dish cloth in the same pan and place the jar into this panwhile the water has started boiling.

–  The cover of the pan will be placed back on the pan.

–  The jar with oil, grounded leaves and buds would remain in the boiling pan of water for about 180 minutes to ensure that the heat helps in the release of CBD into the oil.

–  Once the time limit has passed, let the stove be off and let the water cool down so that the jar could be taken out*.

–  Pass the components of the jar through cheesecloth and collect the produced product into a jar that can be used for numerous purposes.

While the product of the boiling can be taken out after 180 minutes, this is not necessary. The creator, if s/he desires to make a stronger concoction, can repeat the process indefinitely for the period of 2-3 days; i.e. continuous heating and cooling for periods of 180 minutes.