Knee Injuries positioned at the knee are quite common and easily seen in pets. Are instigated by tears in the skin above the front of the knee or from a fall on a hard surface. The symptoms are quite obvious when the knee is knocked on the front. When your pet jumps, chances are that there may be fluid enlargement of the joint. In serious occurrences, chips may be broken from one or more of the bones of the knee.

Originally, your pet may be acutely lame. One of the most common injuries is cranial cruciate injury, which may be a knee or stifle injury. This injury is usually caused by sudden hyperextension of the joint. Common signs of danger include: chronic stiffness and limping, swelling knee joint and pain, and not being able to bear weight on the injured hind leg.

Pets Knee Injuries

The most recommended therapy is resting, including physical therapy and some passive range of motion exercises. You can effectively and conveniently integrate the use of essential oils to hasten recovery. There are various essential oils that you can use for knee injuries, including lemongrass essential oil, ginger essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, black pepper essential oil, and marjoram essential oil. You can mix one drop of lemongrass essential oil with four drops of vegetable oil, and gently massage the affected area. You can use a ginger essential oil hot compress or bath for joint stiffness. You can use a eucalyptus essential oil rub for swelling. A soothing blend is also recommended for knee injuries. You can also make a blend of lavender and marjoram for their analgesic and relaxing properties.  

Weak Immune System

Muscle & Joint Relief Cream 750mg

Muscle & Joint Relief Cream 750mg

The immune system is vital for your pet’s general health. You can tell when your pet has a weak immune system if the pet’s white blood cell count is repetitively low or the pet’s globulins are constantly high. Lymphomas tend to appear in pets with weak immune systems; therefore, keeping your pet as clean as possible is more of a preventative measure. Weak immune systems in pets may be signified by the following: poor growth, tendency to recurrent infections, skin infections, lack of appetite, and lethargy. Weak immune systems are a congenital disorder; in most cases pets are born with the condition.

You can easily manage and correct a weak immune system in your pet by simply coming up with an immune boosting blend. The most effective blend should consist of five drops of eucalyptus essential oil, ten drops of tea tree essential oil, five drops of coriander essential oil, and eight ounces of fixed oil. Apply the blend through diffusion or inhalation. You can also diffuse a few drops of frankincense essential oil in a blend with fixed oil. This oil has been proven to be effective in cases of cancer in pets, since it is resourceful in the immune system and can reduce external ulcers and tumors.  

Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is common in pets, particularly in dogs and cats. Varieties of illnesses in pets are known to suppress their appetites. Pets with reduced appetites are known to eat less and they are usually selective as far as meals are concerned. Loss of appetite may generally be characterized by the following: sudden weight loss, shortness of breath, distention of the abdomen, changes in the eyes, changes in organ size, pain, jaundice, pallor, fever, and inability to eat.

The various illnesses that may make your pet lose appetite are neurological, endocrine, bone, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders. Other contributing factors include dietary and environmental changes and overwhelming stress. Associated conditions and disorders include: weakness, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, and loss of body muscle mass.

Essential oils are very effective in improving your pet’s appetite; thus, avoiding all of the undesirable conditions of poor appetite. The most recommended oils include: orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, and cardamom essential oil. The following blend will effectively improve your pet’s appetite: one drop of cardamom essential oil mixed with ten drops of lemon essential oil, nine drops of orange essential oil, and eight ounces of fixed oil. Diffuse the blend for your pet to inhale. Remember not to use essential oils in cats; instead, you should use hydrosols.