Hemp oil can be made in the comfort of one’s home if one has all the necessary ingredients and equipments to make this particular oil. Hemp seed oil extraction is done commercially most of the time but it can be done in this basic manner as mentioned in the following lines:

Hemp oil can be made in the comfort

Recipe requires:

Heat source (torch, lamp)

Hemp seeds

Domestic/Home Oil press

Collection unit (Jar)

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– The main ingredient and the only ingredient of this oil i.e. ‘Hemp Seed’ leaves out oil once it gets heated. So the apparatus for making the oil would need to be heated, which is the press.

– The press, once it has been sufficiently heated for about a period of 15-25 minutes, would be now filled with hemp seeds.

– The crank would be turned till the seeds are wholly pressed and the oil starts coming out of the other side of the press.

– The oil would be contained within a collection unit of choice.

– The cranking and renewal of seeds in the press would continue until the requisite amounts of oil have been collected.

– Once done, remove the dried out shells of the hemp seeds from inside the press.

The oil produced in this manner would be of a higher concentration than the one created by the industries. Incidentally, this oil would have higher amounts of active ingredients and should be used with caution.