CBD Tincture. This recipe would provide the patient with a quick fix of the CBD components as it is placed sublingually (beneath the tongue) and reaches the blood circulation much more quickly and a small amount is utilized.

CBD Tincture repicpe

Recipe requires:

CBD buds and leaves

Alcohol (High Quality)


Coffee grinder

Deep Pan




Sweet Sleep Cbd Oil 750mg

Sweet Sleep Cbd Oil 750mg


–  Grind the buds and the leaves in the coffee grinder and then collect them in a separate container.

–  Bake the grounded material in the oven for about one and a half hour at 220° F.

–  Take the grounded material and a jar full of alcohol and mix them together; ensure secure closure of the container.

–  Create a water bath for the jar while the water is at a temperature of 170° F.

–  Let the jar sit in the water for a period of 20 minutes.

–  Once the 20 minute period is over, pass the mixture through a sieve and then save the tincture in an air proof container till needed.

Tinctures provide high quantity of chemical content through small quantity of doses and should be kept close by those who find benefits from use.